Company profile

Company profile


FION was founded in 1979 with original aspiration of craftsmanship and pursuit of fashion. Over 30 years, FION has always embodied great persistence on traditional artistry and inherited top handcraft skill of “the first generation of leatherworker” in HK to achieve boutique quality and exquisite details. Besides, FION devotes itself to giving a high-quality lifestyle to ladies. Through collision between art collaboration and fashion trend, artistic creativity is blended in product design of FION for more diversified contents and commodities, thus bringing high-quality life aesthetics and happy lifestyle to ladies, bringing the spirit of art to their lives.

Significant events

Significant events


Full-category age

In 2017, FION established its first mansion to create life space with superior artistic quality for ladies.

39 years

of excellence

Cross-border cooperation

Since 2016, FION started to collaborate with global artists in different fields. By infusing art genes in core spirit and original design of brand, it aims to build new aesthetics for current young generation.

38 years

of excellence

Join CHJ

In 2014, CHJ (5002345SZ) finished wholly-owned acquisition of FION, and then FION became subordinate brand of CHI.

36 years


Market layout

In 2005, FION set operation headquarters of Chinese mainland in Shenzhen to expand mainland market. In 2014, FION had more than 300 stores and overall occupation rate ranked top 33 in lady bag market in China.

27 years

of excellence

Found base

In 1992, FION set production base in Huizhou, Guangdong.

14 years

of excellence

Enter domestic market

In 1990s, FION entered Chinese market and established brand shoppes in different places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, etc. It successively release Infinity series and Platinum series.

12 years

of excellence

Global distribution

In 1980, FION entered different regions such as Japan, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, etc.
02 years

of excellence

Birth of brand

In 1979, FION brand was established in HK.

01 years

of excellence

Design team

Design team

Milo Hsu, current creative director of FION, once resided in Italy for 16 years, acted as CUCCI designer for 4 years and initiated famous GG Logo ring. Besides, he was accessory design director of Emporia Armani before 2011.
Apart from miracle of running high-class luxurious boutiques, all of his works have been collected by jewelry fans during international jewelry fairs of various countries for many times, so he is considered as the light for jewelry designers in Taiwan.

Milo HsU

Creative Director

Craft & Inheritance




Superior quality is the foundation for continuous development of FION

Under the background that many brands transform from production to OEM

FION inherits 30 years of classic craft

With dozens of elaborately cultivated craftsman team with over 10 years of working experience being production core

FION adheres to self-production as priority to endow products with firm confidence guarantee

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